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Winnie Wen-Hsun Lee a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Media & Communications. A Force of Nature-Whether in the time-honored tradition of Chinese painting, and in her enchanting renditions of Disney cartoons, Winnie Lee's colors dance upon the page. A renowned animator who gained international recognition with her renditions of such characters as Donald Duck, Garfield, and the Pillsbury Dough-Boy, Lee shortly be the subject of a new exhibition at New York City.

Lee is in a league of her own, as experts and naïve observers alike are quick to observe. Chinese artists usually specialize in only one motif, because different subjects demand vastly different techniques. Some paint only flowers and birds, using soft brushes and gentle strokes. Others work with bristle brushes and brisk strokes for their themes of rocks and mountains, but Lee's repertoire encompasses the entire range of subjects, including exquisitely rendered human figures.

Chinese Paintings
Chinese Paintings The foundation of Chinese art is rooted in the spirit. Chinese Painting forms an important part in oriental arts. It has been famous for thousands of years. According to the design, there are figure painting, landscape painting, and painting of flowers and birds. Mountain painting is a special craft work of Chinese painting and has a 1,800 years history. As required in the traditional Chinese style, we frame around the painting and paste back by damask or silk after the painting has been drawn.

The artist biography and history are linked on our web site. Prints of the art will be available for sale. Mouse over on any image for an enlargement, and more details about the piece, click on the numbers to order(buy).

Fine Art
So much life and passion must exist on a canvas --- a palette masterfully executed with colors, bold and dynamic --and joyful enough to stir the child in one's soul. This is the hallmark of our expansion into fine art: dramatic, yet classic; audacious, yet mixed with the tradition of creative exploration.

A leader in the animation industry, Walt Disney Art has hosted memorable events and consistently creates museum-caliber collections. We are proud that Our savvy staff Wen-Hsun worked for Walt Disney Art, inculding major movies and TV shows . Additionally, we have a sensational collection of original Illustration Art from the movies.

You can shop on line, or just feast your eyes. Questions? Comments? We would love to hear from you. Our forté is making your dreams come true - tell us what you are looking for- if it's not on our site it just may be in our portfolio!

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