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Wen-Hsun(Winnie) Lee
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August 12, 2007

Art Exhibit of Wen-Hsun(Winnie) Lee To Be Held At Lafayette Grill

(New York, NY) - Winnie Lee: A Force of Nature Announcing a New Exhibition

This festive exhibit will display the full artistic range of Wen-Hsun (Winnie) Lee- it will feature traditional Chinese paintings as well as some of her other contemporary works such as beautiful background scene art from her animated features. There will be refreshments available as well as Salsa, Swing and Argentine Tango dancing in a festive party atmosphere.
Whether in the time-honored tradition of Chinese painting, or in her enchanting renditions of Disney cartoons, Winnie Lee's colors dance upon the page. A renowned animator who gained international recognition with her renditions of such characters as Donald Duck, Garfield, and the Pillsbury Dough-Boy, Lee will shortly be the subject of a new exhibition at New York City's Lafayette Grill.
The showing will demonstrate why Lee is in a league of her own, as experts and naïve observers alike are quick to observe. Chinese artists usually specialize in only one motif, because different subjects demand vastly different techniques. Some paint only flowers and birds, using soft brushes and gentle strokes. Others work with bristle brushes and brisk strokes for their themes of rocks and mountains, but Lee's repertoire encompasses the entire range of subjects, including exquisitely rendered human figures.
Biographical Information on Winnie Lee
From humble farming origins in Taiwan, Lee began painting professionally in her teens and quickly gained recognition when the Taiwanese Ministry of the Interior commissioned her to animate an educational film, using traditional Chinese watercolor and gouache motifs. This led to numerous other commissions, including films that became regular features at movie-theaters nationwide.
Already famous in her field by the age of 20, Lee was invited to join Taiwan's government-sponsored Honor Society, typically comprising business entrepreneurs in their 40s and 50s. Shortly afterwards, she became a lead animator for Wang Film Production, the largest animation company in the world. There, she was responsible for bringing to life many of our favorite cartoon characters, including Donald Duck, Garfield, the Smurfs, and Chip'N Dale Rescue Rangers. From there, she went on to animate full-length features.
With a background in each of the distinct animation traditions of Japan, Europe, and China, Lee's foray into the U.S. scene began with R. Greenberg Associates, the most prestigious advertising firm in New York City, to produce commercials for network television. For example, she is credited with one of the first commercials to feature the Pillsbury Dough-Boy.
Her masterfully executed palette will be view from January 8 through Febuarary 5 at the Lafayette Grill (54 Franklin Street, between Broadway & Lafayette Street), along with her special performances of Swing, Argentine Tango, and Salsa dancing on Saturdays. It promises to be an event that turns a mere art gallery into a living museum. For a preview of some of her work, as well as the lastest information on the art exhibit, please visit

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